Why is it that after playing all day it seams to be only a few maps that are in the rotation ?
Dome,Hardhat,Restance,Seatown,. Dosn't even give a (Vote) for anything elce other then them 4 maps.
Yesterday was like the same 4 maps aswell, Today it seams to be the same thing. Been on for like 4 hours and on each of them maps and it seams like the (randoms) dont know the maps at all (other then a few) :-P
(no i dont have many ppl that i groupe up with all the time) If i do the new maps its seams to allways be S&D
(witch i dont care for much). LOL I know go back and play PACMAN LOL :-)
My sudjestion is to have a few more maps to (vote for) other then just 2..


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Is it NOT like this in every COD?

Well most of the maps that get voted are smaller/fast paced maps. I for one will never vote for Interchange or Downturn just cause the maps are horrid. A lot of the community agrees with that assessment since I hardly see them get voted on.

You seem to have some pretty bad luck with map rotations if you are only seeing those 4. I see most of them equally except for the two mentioned above. Village would be the most common IMO. 

those 4 maps that u named are literally the only maps worth playing in this game especially for objective modes. i rather keep playing those over and over again then playing Downturn, Interchange, Village or Bootleg

Carbon is a pretty good map too sometimes

Get the new map packs?? But i do agree some maps appear more than otehrs! Ones like Barraka NEVER come up.

I talk about this all the time...and there is always the "map of the night".  Or the other thing that Bugs me is when downturn is one of the options for 3 straight games, which means you really only have one option.