Maps packs keep disappearing

So, is anyone else having this problem?  The Red and Black map packs for this game disappear.  When I try to enter a multi-player match where the map is from one of the map packs, I get the message the host is using a map I don't have and to download it.  I have to do this frequently.  I've even got to the point where if I'm going to play the game, I'll go download the maps first just to be sure I have it.  Ha, and guess what, that doesn't work sometimes either.  I've done that and then went to create a match and the maps aren't there for me to  choose.  I then have to go back to the dashboard and redownload them.  Yes, I know it's an old game but it's still one of my favorites.  And there are still plenty of people playing it.  I've contacted Ubisoft and supposedly they are looking into it and will post it on their support page.  I'm not holding my breath on them doing anything about it.  Anyway, just looking to see how many people are having the same problem.

Hit me up for a FR if you would like to play.  I mostly play Terrorist Hunt and I'm not one for playing the same map over and over (LVU campus, etc...), just so you can rank up.


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been a bug for a long time. No way to fix it as far as ive seen. Download them and make sure your in the game menu when they complete. They are gone when you dashboard.

Maybe try a USB flash drive.

having same issues I tried clearing cache and redownloading, but the game still wont recognize the maps,what gives?

Think that happened long time ago as well.  Glad I never had this problem.  Maybe corrupt data?  Maybe clear cache?