Maps not loading

Anyone else having problems with certain maps not loading properly?

I have trouble with the map jungle when playing ground war the white bar loads all the way but the circle is sitll there and the map never loads.  Same thing also happens with the map Handi for me.

Just wondering if anyone else having these problems because Jungle my favourite map and now I'm stuck playing maps I don't like such as Crisis and Cracked all the time qq



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 the map Handi 


you mean Hanoi? and not really but i always seem to lag hard on grid

Yeah lol I mean hanoi

Try installing/reinstaling to HDD. Press Y over the game to install. Go to HDD in system settings>memory, press Y and clear system cache. Clean your game disk. Good luck.

Thanks that worked for me as well.

Yeah, was probably a dirty or scratched disk maybe.  My brother still has a 20gb HDD and was having this problem, so I had to switch him copies of the game.  The game seems to work as long as it is installed no matter how scratched up it is.  I just hope he doesn't ruin my copy lol.