Maps keep changing in Free for all!

Ok everytime I put in black ops 2 now days and start to play some free for all I find some of the maps have vanished and now some others have appeared that were not in rotation.  I don't remember the name of the map but it was the one where you had a construction site on one side of the map an alley on the other, and a street in the middle with some destroyed buses where you could climb on top of and jump in a building window.  I used to really enjoy this map, but now its out of rotation, haven't seen it in a month.  Can you put this back in rotation please?  

Also I really miss hardcore ffa and would like for it to make a return.  

The game has improved vastly since launch with the spawn points but it still could use some more weapons balancing in terms of nerfing the pistols.  


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  I'm with you on the maps..... I cant think of the name of that one either atm, but it was one of my favorite ffa maps.  ( overflow)

  In previous releases they would start out with a handful of maps, and after a couple months add more until we had about 90% of the maps in ffa. Now they appear to be removing one each time they add one.

Lol my son and I played aftermath with the high rise in rubble in the middle today and my son just kept saying I NEVER SEEN THIS MAP! He has been playing for over a month on his own ps3.


Oh yeah dl the dlc on his ps3 today and he hates the peace keeper. I played with him to see how the kontrol freeks thumb button extensions work and ehhhhh I need another day or two.

A lot of people hate Aftermath & I for 1 can't understand why. It's a great all-around map with wide open areas on both sides of the map with interior areas great for close-quarters combat.


I've also had a few of my friends complain about how hard it is to call out. If this is the case, then I disagree. Here's my call-outs for the map:

1) book store

2) bar

3) bathroom

4) lobby

5) office

6) semi

7) tunnel

8) bus

9) firetrucks

10) Upper & lower corner office

11) upper & lower garage

12) center ruins

13) ruins above lobby

14) ruins above tunnel

15) plaza

^^You dont need call outs in FFA.

No, but if anyone's listening, it'll certainly make things interesting...

It feels like in general the map selection for FFA is a bit small in BO2. Imo it would not harm to simply put all the maps in rotation. That's what they did at some point in (I believe it was) mw2 didn't they? Yes, some are a bit big but it would still be nice for variation.