Maphala's Ebony Sword help

This is the last artifact I need.I killed 10 friends and Maphala told me it was completely restored.But for some reason its not changing over to Maphalas Ebony Sword still says Ebony Sword.What am I doing wrong?


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Does this sword change its name automatically or do I have to take it somewhere for it to change over? I have done this 2 times now with the same outcome.Btw I have completed the game and all main quest are done.Just have problems with the sword changing over.UGH!!!

Are you choosing ebony sword or ebony blade. Ebony blade is what you would need to be using, but I've never had it switch names on me though. All I know is that it just gets more powerful when you kill a person who trusts you.

The Ebony Blade doesn't go through a name change... the Drain Health/Absorb Health/whatever it is Enchantment on it gets stronger when you start leveling it up.