Map remakes

There is one map I really hope makes a comeback: Prisoner.  It is one of the least popular maps, but my friends and I loved it with rocket slayer.  Average life expectancy was about 8 seconds, but the blacened walls were proof of our delight.


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The only map i care to see is boarding action.   Snipers on that map is soooooooo much fun.

Prisoner has been confirmed! Nice call!

I agree with Noble, good call man. I also hope Boarding Action is announced. That map is one of my favorite maps from CE.

I do believe Headlong is making a comeback. I loved that map, so I hope it does.


EDIT: Headlong IS confirmed! Here's some HaloFest gameplay footage of Headlong on Reach.


And there's a Gaus Hog! YESSSS!

@Noble 29, OMG Headlong is coming back!!!!! YEEEESSS! :D