Map Pass... where is it?

I own the LE of Halo 4 and at the midnight release there were complications with the extra dlc you got for pre-ordering. I had to go back and get another copy of the receipt to get the codes for that. Was there supposed to be a code for the Map Pass or is it supposed to be in the actual game package or are the LE disc's different from the other games. Yes I know that the maps haven't been released yet, I just got curious about how I was supposed to download this when it becomes available. Thanks!


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Not sure but they are having issues just getting all specializations unlocked for LE owners

You should have received a card within your LE package with the code on it. I believe it comes in the red  UNSC resealable packet. It has a big orange bar at the top which reads "GAME ADD-ON & MARKETPLACE DOWNLOAD". The first code on it should read "SPECIALIZATIONS;SKINS;EMBLEM;MAP PK". This is the code you're looking for. It does (or at least shouldn't) print out on the receipt you received from the retailer.

EDIT: ^^^ Meant to say "does not" in the last sentence.