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Sorry for my ingmorance but halo is a game I just dont play and cant get on with (I know this will endear me to you that do!) My son is halo mad and and plays reach alot. He purchased the game with his own pocket money and he purchased the defiant map pack a while back again with his own money. Yesterday he came to me complaining that he cant play online with the defiant map packs because when he goes to the DLC option on matchmaking the only options are premium slayer and premium battle. Niether of these will allow him to hit the matchmaking option in the main screen ( i hope Im making sense!) I have had a look and I cant seem to get around it. I have looked at the forge game and he tells me that the maps are there but not when he goes to the DLC menu. My question is this: - Is there something that he is not doing in order to show these maps or have the developers decided that you need both map packs now which, I have to say would rack me off lots. Please help because I also get the feeling that he might be after pops paying up for the noble pack for him!


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I'm not sure if you need both packs, but under the playlist's description it will say which map packs you need to play.

Yes you need both maps packs to play those playlists. If he already has purchased the Defiant Map Pack, he needs the Noble Map Pack. That is also DLC to Halo Reach. Once you purchase that, you can play those playlists :)

How does he change the playlists then ? these seem to be the only options available am I missing something?

Spawnling just sumed it up. Although, he can play Custom Games and Forge on those maps with friends if he wants. But if he wants to play in Matchmaking, he will (like Spawnling said) have to purchase both map packs. Defiant and Noble. Hope this helped!