map pack are old news

instead of map packs should there be something like weapon packs? Bring some new guns in like the ak 74u and some other cod classics.


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  I dont believe they'd make dlc that would alter the game.

  Weapon packs would make the game imbalanced for those who didnt buy it ...... then they probably woldnt buy the next release at all.

  While I have purchased every map pack since I started playing cod, I still dont like the idea.

  New camo would be ok, or if they had things like bo's facepaint that you got more choices on. Nut not weapons.

EA/DICE released like 10 new weapons with Back to Karkand. This was enough to ruin a lot of people's experience even though the guns were rather balanced compared to the vanilla guns. The way CoD has the weapons (MP7 vs MP5, both w/o attachments, is a great example), a weapon pack would certainly make the differences insane and give a noticeable advantage to the ones who wanted/could purchase the weapon pack.

Be better if new weapons were just released to everyone using files they already have... take a weapon, add it to Multiplayer/Survival and reskin it to anything you want...

I Tweeted InfWard near release asking if the RPD is in the game, and they said yes. Turns out it is exclusively in campaign mode! Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I would be spending all of my time playing that one level to get my RPD fix? Re-skin the weapon and chuck it into MP for christ sake.

Is it in campaign? I don't remember seeing it... I would love it though :D

I recall seeing it in the level in London where the SAS shoot out the oncoming truck.

Interesting. I will look for it at some point.