map editor question

is there anyway to just start out with no land, only water? this would make it easier for me to shape the island how i want it to be shaped, as opposed to trying to re-shape an existing island. if i can start out with no land, just water i can bring up land to make the shape of the island i want.


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Yes you can do this. Just choose "Empty Map" instead on generate.

Then in the editor you can bring the water level up.

Yep,What he said ^^

You know what sucks though is that you can't have vechicles on your map or it wont be put up for others to try bad.

Well Formal. Theres a small work around, to an extent.

You can specify a point for the DLer to place a Vehicle after they DL. So that way they can enjoy your race map. Alone......but still.

Not really a race map more like a mad max everybody on vehicles mayhem destruction type thing. It was supposed to be an open desert type map but theres no way i want people to just walk that open desert it would take forever.and is a way to start the map smaller? It might be to big for multiplayer.

Well you can do a "natural" barrier to keep players in. You can also set the limits where people can go. So if someone strays out of the Combat Zone they get a message  and a countdown timer.

okay. thanks.