Many Problems, will they be fixed?

Here I wonder, the game released almost a month ago to terrible reviews from most web sites, the game has a huge amount of problems mainly technical ones easily fixable with a patch.

And yet I have the feeling we will never see such patch, why would they continue to work on a game that proved to be a failure to most people?

Now Im sure most of us on these forums like the game, but we cannot dismiss the issues with it.

One common problem I see is the "clone glitch" where you basically spawn with multiple copies of your character, yet you don't really control any of them and other players see them.

Another issue which should have been looked at from the beginning is map balance, power weapons are not easily accessible to one side in different maps which means one side can always spawn next to a power weapon and camp it.

Last but not least issues like the game freezing randomly in MP, bad hit detection among others.

For the record I really like the game, specially because of to its class based system.


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Their has been a laid out plan to make an update for the game and patch many of their problems but will not be released until the final DLC for the game which will be a very sad thing to wait for but the true question is will the wait be worth it. i guess we will see in the upcoming months