Manual w/clutch help

I am hoping someone can help me with manual clutching using a controller. Does anyone have any advice with regards to getting it and/or button layout. And also, how the hell do the guys on the top of the leaderboards go so quickly? I mean, seriously, if I'm top 1000 or even top 500, I'm still at least 4 seconds off the pace. I need to get up those leaderboards. HELP :)


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Map the clutch to the A button then you can shift up with B+A and shift down with X+A (basically just pushing two buttons at once) By far the easiest way to use the clutch with a controller.

Thanks man, I managed to get used to the standard layout, and its taken so much off my lap times, but I'll give your way a go

A clutch is far easier and doesn't require any finger gymnastics. ;)

Only now the Ebrake will be on the LB, which is fine, how often do you use it compared to the clutch?

Clutch is where it should be, if you use 2 trigger fingers. Honestly, I'd map gears to the right stick and use whatever gamepad button as clutch. A or B sounds fine. Try it and see. Make sure to set clutch settings in profile to adjust for how you hit the stick. Can still look left or right, like that matters.

I like the default layout. It took some getting used to. A lot. Forza 3 really helped me with the manual with clutch setup.

I tried swapping the clutch and handbrake and I'll never look back, it's just like playing normal manual, only better. With the clutch on the bumper I found that braking was more difficult. Probably taken a second and a half off my Reasonably Priced Car time

I have been trying to get used to it with my wheel and clutch pedal.  Just can't quite nail it fast enough.

Be careful using the clutch when downshifting. If you dont know the heel-toe techinque I suggest that you give the car some gas when downshifting. This keeps the car stable in turns. Another thing that I find being major in this game is that you want to be stable to sustain your momentum coming out of the corners. Learn to adjust the throttle when coming out of the turns. THIS IS MAJOR AND YOU CAN GAIN ALOT TIME ON THE TRACK. You dont win races in a str8 line, you win them in the turns. This is my opinion of course.