Manual Transmission in Test Drive; Midnight Club; Need for Speed; Burnout?

I'm in the habit of buying old games that I missed. I'm in the mood for a driving game. There are four racing games I saw on Goozex that I'm sort of interested in. The following four games all have decent or better reviews, so I'm sure I'd be happy with any of them. However, one thing I really like in a driving game is using a manual transmission. Can anyone chime in and say whether any of the following games have manual as an option?

  • Test Drive Unlimited
  • Midnight Club: LA
  • Need for Speed Shift
  • Burnout Paradise

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I'd go for SHIFT or Midnight Club. The other two don't have manual transmissions, as far as I can recall.

Dont bother with test drive, it was a huge dissapointment, i havent played shift so cant comment on that one.

Burnout is ok but i got bored and took it back. I'd say go for Midnight club if you like street racing, its got the best handling out of the four (IMO) and has good car customization.

I have 3 of these games, except for Shift and I can't even tell you if they do or not because I always have automatic shifting. 

BTW...TDU1 is a great game.  Not as big or good graphically as TDU2 but considering I still have TDU1 and have had it for 5+ years and sold TDU2, three months after I got it on release and only played it for two...well that's my opinion of it.

Midnight Club has Manual transmissions. I don't use them...but it has em. Try to get the MC:LA Complete Edition. It has all the DLC included.

Alright, it looks like I'm going for either Midnight Club or TDU. I knocked Burnout out of the running due to no stick shift (even though I loved Burnout Revenge), and Need for Speed because some friends gave it a negative review.

Chickin; you've played both. Can you say which is more arcade and which is more sim? I'm not looking for a Forza or PGR. I like an arcade feel.

If you want arcade then get midnight club, is has good car handling imo and easy to drift and such. better than TDU. only good thing about TDU is the map is much bigger

Thanks for the info, everyone. I've added Midnight Club to my Goozex request list.

To me, Midnight Club has a third rate look & feel to it. It was one of the very few games I've ever traded in.



On the other hand, the original Test Drive Unlimited is (by far) my favorite 360 game and the best reason for even owning the console.