I like the idea of the mantle-kick, but I think it needs a short charge-up.

Something like you have to hold the "jump over cover" command for two seconds.

Because, it is way too easily abused.


(p.s. these new forums are terrible.)


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Not sure how well a delay timer would work, but I agree that it needs some sort of counter.


And I also agree that these new forums aren't very good.

Same with what Killjoy said. And yes, these new forums are *** me up as well

I think it is fine other than the distance it stretches out to. I don't think it should be used when your opponent isn't on the cover.

I dont have a problem with the kick itself but I have a problem with the 'range' at which you get stunned at.  You shouldn't get stunned unless you're taking cover or standing right up against the cover. IF you're 2 or 3 feet back you shouldn't get stunned.

Also another problem i have is a lot of time when i go to mantle kick over the wall, my guy runs around the wall instead.  That needs to be fixed.

I just don't like the fact that people can continually hop around trying to hit you with the vault kick.

It's a fine addition, doesn't need any changes. If you don't want to get mantle kicked then bait them into mantling over and blast them away with your shotgun.

when you get stunned by the mantle kick I think it should be more like when you get stunned with the smoke grenade. you couldn't use your weapon but at least you wouldnt be a sitting duck

Stop hiding like little girls. Is one way of Not getting blown away with

My shotty. I love the mantle kick.