Maneater Mildred - not the smartest AI - LMAO (poss minor spoiler)

Ok - I went human in the depths and had this NPC AI invade my world. I managed to kill her so then I could summon her before I faced Queelag (who is not anatomically correct I might add). Anyhow...... in the entrance to Queelag's den I saw another summons mark, so I summoned the player and ran down to the foggy entrance to summon Mildred. I ignored the egg-type blobs coz I heard they can be a nasty pain in the asp.  

But it looked like the player I summoned before couldn't join so I went back to the top of the cave entrance to see if I could try again, Mildred followed me and started attacking the egg-type things that are there!! THEY KILLED HER. I actually laughed. So I ran back past them to the entrance and thankfully found another summons mark for yet another player. This time the summons worked and we kicked that fire spitting lady's spiky ****. 

Hint: don't let Mildred wander!


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It's even worse when you do get her into the fight and she just runs into the lava that Kellog spits. Happened on my play where she just kept running into the fire and lava to take damage until she died. People keep saying she's such a tank and a beast against her....I don't see it in the slightest.

Just beat the spider witch thing an hour ago. Used Mildred too. She is very useful(for me). Killed  the spider boss in a few minutes. She never acted stupid for me though.

Lucky you, haha. Kellog wasn't hard, really, just fast. I only needed someone to keep her attention some of the time was all and Mildred didn't do it as all. Luckily, someone else could. After that, I spent a while helping others with my lightning spear, which did some nasty damage on her.

in the boss fight she switched between 2 tactics, standing in the lava, and following me, after standing in a bit of lava, she just seemed to forget the boss was even there are just follow me around. maybe she ignores female opponents, she is a man eater after all.

She helped me. Believe it or not she survived the battle.

today i beat the queenlag spider and before that i saw mildred invade my game but i ignore her and keep runing to the queenlag domain, when i enter the fog door she disappeared.

Maneater Mildred was smarter than the person I summoned to help me fight Queelag...


I should have known that the guy was a total idiot because his summon sign shows that he's using the drake sword (if your at the bottom of blight town and are still using the frigginn drake sword you need to go see a blacksmith  or search your area's better because that 6 pound turd should be outclassed by other weapons by now) I summon him anyway and we head in to fight the boss.


What does he do? He starts hurling fire orbs and cumbustion spells at Queelag... guess what? NOTHING HAPPENS, because Queelag is totaly immune to fire attacks. I mean is it not enough of a clue that she's breathing fire and spitting lava?? If thats not obviouse enough shouldn't he have noticed that his attack's didn't due any damage?


I'll take a summoned NPC over 90% of the clueless people playing this game. (these are the same people that replace their summon sign on the ground every 5-10 seconds, and wonder why they never get summoned. If you keep moving it it will fail everytime. Or just as bad they leave the area and it dissapears mid-summon)

Mildred was useless for me.

I summoned another player so I had him and mildred in the battle.  Kellog didn't last long and I was pleased as I had been struggling to kill her for a while.  Big thanks to that guy who dropped in to help me.