Mandarich... Leaf... BF3?

The biggest busts of all time?

I kept trying to figure out what I was missing?  How is this so far off from the hype?  I meekishly asked on the chat channel "Is anyone else underwhelmed?"... lol, man everyone started bashing on the game.

Then I went and watched a Caspian Border gameplay video made by Totalbiscuit from the beta on Youtube... wow, now that looks like a fun game.

Whoever made the call to put out Metro for this??? why o why???? that move cost the company a ton of cash, cause Metro is nothing about Battlefield and can't even hold a candle to the COD games for infantry combat.  Did they think they were gonna steal COD's thunder with that turd?

Now I prefer the BF series by far over the COD series and I think once we get to play actual Battlefield it is going to be night and day... but man.... this is what you give the public a first taste of?  I can't imagine how many people are canceling their pre-orders and trying to wash the taste out of their mouths.

Bad move EA... really bad move.


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Games overall lately have been mediocre.  I personally think the gaming industry is heading downhill for a while.  Or perhaps I am just getting burnt out, seems like repeat game over and over again, no matter what genre.  

Well put OP.  This BETA was the public's first taste of the game and they chose this.  Not well thought out at all.

I agree.