Managed to get the black bow of Pharis early on

Started a new character, a thief, and farmed up to about 20k souls in undead burg. I then made my way to Havel and lured him away from the door to give myself enough  time to open the door near Havel with the master key that leads to Dark Root Basin. From there you can head to Andre and buy the seal to the door in the forest. After that its just a bit of fighting and you can get the black bow of Pharis before even killing the Taurus Demon. Great for players that want a good bow very early on.


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Not a bad idea, although as an alternative, you could just get the longbow.  It requires 4 less dex to use and you'll get slightly better performance at low levels, although with slightly less range.

Haha yeah but I'd rather have the range with less damage since I usually stay at distance from enemies and invaders when playing with my buddy who is a warrior/tank