Man Please Bring Back This Game.......

Does Anyone Remember The Sega Genesis Game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors? I Loved That Game! It Was One Or Two Players and There Was Hedge Mazes You Had To Make It Thru While You Are Strapped with a water gun. There was zombies all over then as you got further in the game Jason Voorhees like guys would cut thru the hedges to try and get you after you killed one you could pick up the chainsaw. It was my favorite game and it had endless levels. Man I pray they bring that back I mean Battletoads come on


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Also I'd Love To See My All Time Favorite Arcade Game Remastered On XBOX ONE Is Drum Roll Please:  CarnEvil  anyone Remember That Arcade Game It Got Many Many Of My Quarters. I Hope And Pray That They Make CarnEvil For The Next Generation Consoles And Same For Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Have To Say: CarnEvil & Zombies Ate My Neighbors  Both Is Way Way Better Then Battletoads That's For Dang Sure!! Who Agrees??

I played the SNES version of Zombie Ate My Neighbors. Man, was it hard...

Yeah it was kinda hard but really cool for its time! I wonder if I'd still feel the same actually I know I would cuz I used to look for the roms for Zombie Ate My Neighbors & the arcade game CarnEvil. It was my youth. If you never heard of CarnEvil go on YouTube and check it out. It was way ahead of its time.They would have to make it a first person shooter. If they can bring back old games like Battletoads which was mediocre if not so great they definitely could bring those games back even Contra too

Haha, I'd never played it, but watched:

I'd give it a go if it ever did come back, looks like it could be fun.

Oh wow, I forgot all about this game.  A sequel would be pretty cool.  

I would welcome a Contra.... Heck why not bring back Paperboy as well lol.

I would welcome a reboot, remake or a sequel to this game. I never played it, but I heard many good things about it.

Lol yes, I'd play it again. In reality I wish zombies would eat my neighbours


I play a lot of retro games and some things are better left in the past but Zombies Ate My Neighbors isn't one of them.   I'd buy it again.