Man oh man …

What game lag I am experiencing. I am at the point where I am going after Mercer. I can’t even run to the other leaver to open the gate so much lag.


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Perhaps a shout would make you run faster.

Too much lag basiclly I can't move at all.

You can't move at all?  I don't get it, is the game frozen?  Is your character injured and/or carrying too much weight?  Have you tried clearing the game cache at startup?  Or deleting some old saved games if you've accumulated too many by now?  If it's none of those, sounds like something is seriously wrong with your Xbox360 or its hard drive. Good luck on this one!

no --- the same thing is happening to me also, and everyone i know that plays it. started after the update.

the only thing that seems to work is to bear with the lag long enough to save, and then reload that save and it should speed right back up. at least it has for me.

Weird, I never experienced it myself after the patch - maybe it's just the changes the patch brings, working their magic in the background for a bit on the initial startup

I got some pretty heavy lag playing last night, but, it was only for about 5 minutes, and I just sorta fought through it.  It eventually worked itself out and everything went smoothly from then on.

sometimes it works itself out.  i have found it is quicker to save and reload === either way it is aggravating.

Have you guys tried deleting some of your saves?


. I had over 100+ saves and was getting some lag. Once I deleted some of my older saves the lag disappeared.

I also suffered this, mainly in some dungeons / caves but after deleting around 600 saves (dont ask), it hasnt since. Also I read somewhere here that clearing the game Cache helps (RB+LB+X) during the Initial load sequence.

I have tried this but have no idea if it actually does anything.

Yeah i had the same problem when going after Mercer, but once i managed to open that gate and move forward the problem just seemed to stop.