[Malabal Tor Adventurer] Achievement - 39/40

Seeing as I cannot get an answer on this from the TESOnline Team on Twitter and I do not have an unexpired invitation code for the actual ESO Forums for Xbox One, I came here.

Currently in-game, as many people already know, The Prisoner of Jathsogur quest in Malabal Tor is heavily bugged yet won't receive immediate attention as the fix cannot be implemented in as a simple Hotfix. It's a bit more complicated than that so we most likely won't see a fix for another 2-3 weeks at best.

I am here to ask about the Adventurer Achievement in this zone, hoping that someone may hold the answer. I am currently at 38/40 quests completed in Malabal Tor & I have one that is ready for turn in to bring that up to 39. Now I am still going to be short a single quest, and I am curious if the quest within the Tempest Island dungeon count towards the achievement. I could just bring it to the test myself and jump in but I am leveling strictly with friends and today isn't a day that will work for us, but due to my wondering mind, I have an itch to know now if it will work or not!

Does anyone know, or do you have any possible insight? Anything is greatly, and deeply appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys the game!


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