Making the dragon fly away?

Ok so I got the drake sword.  cleared the stair tower of the black knight, defeated the gargoyles.    coming back to the bridge a friend told me if you go the tower where the black knight was. and shoot a arrow at the dragon he will fly off and you will be awarded 10,000 souls.   every time I go up the tower though he is not there and when I go down I hear him roaring, and when I go under the bridge he's still there.   he told me to exit game if that happened so I went to a bonfire, exited game.  went back.  he's still not there.   is it glitched?


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Oh so thats why my dragon died!

yea apparently you have to go kill the garden butterfly boss before you will be able to see the dragon on the bridge from the tower view.

It's glitched - but you can get him to appear.   Go to Darkroot Basin - from the Blacksmith by the church - go past the Titanite Demon (kill him easliy with Arrows) into Darkroot Garden - on the righ twill be a pathway leading out and down to the basin.   At the bottom of the basin will be a Black Knight.   Kill him.   Then return to the bridge - shoot off the dragons tail - climb the tower - and voila - he will appear for you to shoot in the back one time.   he will appear to jump down to the bridge.  Go back under the bridge and as you go towards it - at some point you will get your 10000 souls.