Making or Breaking SC: Blacklist

I have been a die hard SC fan since the beginning. I love the in depth story of every game Ubi has dropped in this series, the implementation of SP in this series is just so epic, no game in the same genre can compare to this game, nor say they've accomplished the same. The co-op was revolutionary in my opinion, executing targets stealthily as a duo has always been something that drags me into the game and doesn't let me go, I love it. Then we get to MP, I began playing MP when Pandora Tomorrow came out and loved it, loved the Chaos Theory MP as well, but nothing compares to Double Agent's MP. I found that the MP in DA was just like nothing that had ever been seen before (other than in previous SC games), I have never played a game consistently for as long as I have DA  and I love the community that still plays. These are the fans that have played DA since it was first released and still play today, granted it is not a large community, and it's VERY competitive,  these players have been with DA since the beginning, I happen to be one of them. DA always amazes me, I have played this game consistently for 6 years now, and still enjoy it today.

Ubi explains they are bringing back the Spies vs. Mercs (thank God) and this is a good thing. I am happy to finally see Ubi responding to all the die hard fans concerns, even from before Conviction was scrapped and redone we were complaining about missing SvM. I am very excited for this title, but I have concerns, they could potentially get too excited themselves and add things that could ruin the experience. I believe diving too far into MP development is just too risky, the previous SC games MP (except Conviction) were phenomenal. I think that adding too many game types to MP can potentially ruin the experience. I think adding more players per team could get risky as well. Keep if 4v4 at most and add different game types that support this perhaps like Big Team Battle (which could be 8v8 at most). We also MUST keep the same concept, meaning the object is to hack terminals and return 100 percent of a file, if not, are we just running deathmatch, this makes no sense. We could expand the amount of terminals in the game and put more players in.

I think there is so much potential to do the fans right in this installment and believe the same MP as Double Agent, with a few tweaks, few new game types, few more players, more terminals, newer maps etc would be good for the game. I also think there is enough potential to screw the game up, if they go too in depth in creating this game, they can easily overlook details. I think DA ported to the new engine is a VERY GOOD starting point, keep it roughly the same and expand, make it more modern, and faster pace! This would keep me playing this game for years to come.

I know it's a little late for constructive criticism but I'd like to see this thread have ideas of what you guys think could make or break this game.


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