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So I've made a ton of $$ on the stock market with the assassination missions, and I've read you can do it by reeking havoc on other companies too, but how do you do it?  For example, if I wanted to make $$ on Coffee Bean stock, I would go wreck Bean Machine stores.  But how do you do that considering you can't enter them to rob them or anything?  Any help would be great, thanks!!


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Hey again joker7596,

It's all about luck. You'll have to invest at the right time.

There are of course other ways to make money in Solo Mode, E.G. robbing a store, doing (side)missions etc.

Best of luck from me =)

Worked a treat for me. Invested everything in FlyUS and destroyed everything AirEmu at the airport. Netted $6 million. The same thing worked for TacoBell when destroying all of the Cluckin' Bell wagons in Paleto Bay.

Also, I've found investing everything into Merryweather if you picked option A or B at the end of the game gives you a huge return. Do not invest in Merryweather at the end of the game should you pick option C though. If you have played through option C, you will know why :)

Hey joker7596,

The idea of wrecking stores to improve the stock market was a myth.

It turned out not to be working.

Sorry if this disappointed you.

That is disappointing.  How am I supposed to make $150M to buy the golf course then? lol