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Ok so what did I do wrong? All of the Sinks Robotic helpers are up an active, Mugs, Auto-Doc, sink,Book-chute, Juke-Box are all fully operational, an NO achievement..


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lightswitches in the living room and bedroom????

Toaster and Biological research Station?

Ok now that I have the switches up an going too I have NO Idea where the Upgrade Holo- tape is or If I even need to do that jus to get this  achievement, what is the toaster & biological staions? are they more robots in the sink room?  

Dude are you even following the quest on your Pip-boy? It puts a map marker where every holotape is..........

Complete the quest, get the Chievo. Thats normally the general rule for most Chievo's in a fallout game >.<

the wiki gives all the locations...

theres 2 holotapes or upgrades for most of the friends in the SINK, make sure you have it picked in qests, and follow the map on your pip boy, it shows you where to go,, a bit of a long winded quest, going back and forth, but this is just one quest,