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Do you think that you will have the option to make a decent living by crafting or hunting? In Oblivion, a deer's worth of venison was worth next to nothing. So do you think that they will increase the value of food and craftable items? It would be nice to have ways to make money that don't involve guilds or looting.


I think that selling weapons might help you make a living. Mine the ore, craft a weapon or armor piece, and sell it. Or you could enchant it and sell it for more. 


So what do you think? Could you make a few thousand gold by crafting and hunting? Or will we have to join guilds and loot for a substantial amount of gold?


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It's hard to say, I guess we'll see. I know I'd rather be killing people and doing crazy missions rather than just hunting.

i'm definitely making all my gold through hunting and working odd jobs, really role play it my first time out. no magic either, playing a straight viking/barbarian character in honor of the environment. the only guild i'm joining is fighters. i'm also planing on starting a bar fight in every tavern i go into, and i plan on entering every tavern in the game.

I think there will be perks to doing jobs, but IMO they will be mostly self serving and not a great source of money's. I mean you can earn so much more by exploring which is what TES games are really all about... (that's why they are so big!).


As in most RPG's you'll probably rarely be short on funds. I usually can't find enough things to spend all my coinage on. Also, those real spendy items never had much appeal because I could get equal or better ones for free. And I love stealing in TES games!  I dont' know why... but I just can't help myself.


Getting back to jobs... I think they will mainly be for improving your equipment and giving us a breather from dungeon delving. Surely there will be money to be had, but as I said, I think it will be minimal compared to other methods of employment.

My primary income will be looting stuff from dungeons and fallen jerkemies (jerk enemies). I probably will hunt on occasion just for kicks and roleplayingness as well as fish and do some smithing, enchanting, and alchemying (made up words are superior) when I'm up to it or want to get the product for my own use.

of course dungeoneering will be a prime source of money and armaments, but i'm looking forward to spending days just stalking the forests of skyrim hunting and whatnot. also, very honored that i'm a sig.

Well just remember that's ALL you are to me >:)

Yeah, I was happy to make the cut lol


I normally wouldn't try to make money this way in a game, but my first character's role is basically an average citizen becoming an unlikely hero. So in the beginning I will hang in a town, drink at taverns, and hunt, ore, and craft. (And then learn that you have uncontrollable magic in your very soul, that comes out in powerful bursts. So you go to Sithis for help.......)

But I just want to do that for a while and hopefully build up some funds.


And one of my favorite characters was my thief. He barely scrapped by. Hardly ever had money, because I would only sell my stolen items.  Made saving up for some arrows a real challenge.