Making a huge town...

I've posted in "Minecrafting buddies" and got a decent amount of people on my friend's list, but now I want to try to get more people...I've started work on a world and with the help of a few people managed to make a small town, and was looking for more people to contribute and play on the world. Its gonna end up being a "server" so let me tell you alittle about the world you'd join if you came on.


The town is called Herobrithia (Slight knock off of Tarabithia and Him), You'll start off near a Cobblestone path that you can follow to get to the town, when you see a giant manor, then you know your there.


There are several houses pre-built that you can take for your own and do what you wish to them once you claim them. A small farm area, a in-game store (inside the manor itself), a well, and we're even doing a starter box that will have everything you need to get started in minecraft. The town's plotage runs even into the woods and your free to build there, but no building in town without my permission.


There are a few basic rules to the world, but we will cover those once you decide if you want to join me... The world is also usually up through out the day and only usually will go down when I need to shut off my xbox, need sleep or am backing up and storing the game to my computer so we are covered with 3 times the protection.

So message me or pop me and invite for more info and lets play some minecraft!!!


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Sorry to everyone that has sent me invites for friends, expecting to play minecraft, lately i've been feeling under the weather and being hassled by my parents on all levels of aggrovation...but not i got some new ideas and stuff due to a few nights back to the roots of minecraft(PC) and I'm gonna try to be on more to bring the town up....(except at 7pm CST time to 8pm CST...clan practice for MW3 at those times)

I would be happy to help you out now :D

I'll help!  I'm looking to add friends to play Minecraft.

I just got the 360 and minecraft yesterday.. ^.^  

Been playing for awhile on PC though so I know the ropes.


Are you kidding with me? I didn't do anything!!! Okay.. I may have killed you but I didn't take your stuff! I leaved the game right after that! :(

add me and lets start building, it pretty much supposed to mimic that of a server pc verison of minecraft with npc towns...

Hey if you still need help, I'll be glad to help.

plus you broke my store door, took some items out of the chests and didnt replace them so thats grounds for greifing

well spyink all in all i was away from my game to run into town just now and you killed me and robbed me of my items so i can't help you with that...

I wanted to help but JJJ1002 killed me all the time.

Hi i wanna join i will add now and see what happens really wanna help and wont be a hinderance

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.