Make a separate objective mercenary playlist

I really don't like how there is Domination in the Mercenary play list. I pretty much just want to play TDM type of games without having to deal with organized teams, which is what the Mercenary play list is perfect for.

Putting domination in there just encourages people to not play Domination and instead play Team Deathmatch where you kill the people running towards the flags. I don't think that is fun for people who want to play objective gametypes and its not fun if you want to play pure TDM either. 

I don't want to play objective games, you shouldn't be forced to play objective gametypes by playing the mercenary play list. A separate play list will also help make sure that people don't play the game type wrong. 


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Adjust. If people are camping flags, then kill them BEFORE jumping on the flag. You probably wont have to be in any hurry if they are capturing any flags. Ill note I have also been in Dom games that the only thing people were doing was capturing flags and hardly even killing, LOL. It was like a NASCAR track. It was like a huge circle. The whole team running to A, then B, then C and the other team was doing the same, and it was NOT an organized boost, it was just taking your home flag, flanking around to the other teams flag (which they did to us) then back to capture your flag, with the occassional gunfight in there, LOL. I like the chaotic objective games. We take A, they take C, and B is just a full game massacare place with tons of action. JMHO.