[MAJOR SPOILERS] Video Walkthrough and Q&A with Mass Effect 3

Sure some of you have probably seen this already, but here is the behind-the-scenes video walkthrough and Q&A that was live streamed yesterday on EA @ E3.



It's the same sections demoed at the main event, but the best part is that you do actually get to see both the weapons bench upgrading system & the new skill trees @ 9:35.


Looks like they've given Shepard and each squad member (or henchmen as they seem to be calling them ) 1 more skill than they had in ME2, and I like what they've done with the skill trees.


Still way too many scripted sequences in the combat for my liking. One can only hope that all of the combat isn't like that but I have a terrible feeling that it will be .



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Also interesting, that in the galaxy map @ 14:25 you see 3 different way-points on the planet scan of Tuchunka. Begs the question, if there are going to be multiple locations on the same planet, why remove planet exploration via vehicles?


n.b. that is a rhetorical question

Thanks Schuey19, I love a thread with the MAJOR SPOILERS tag!  Multiple locations on the same planet is something I dig, don't think that either one (Mako or Hammerhead) has enough fuel to go long distance, excessive fuel would be hazardous to yer health...:-)

Thanks for posting this, Schuey.  Like everyone else, I too am very excited to play this!  From the video I really like the sound effects, especially the guns.  Very powerful sounding.  I also like the skill trees, as you have pointed out.  I'm wondering how the paragon/renegade points will be accrued.  Will it be "glitchy" like it was in ME2, where you received both para/reneg no matter what choice you made, or will it be how it was on ME1?  I was only able to watch half the video, so unless that was discussed at the end, I don't know.


And oh..... I know this kind of dumb but I was wondering also if anyone knew how many discs are to be expected?  I know it's really not a big deal, but it was a tad annoying having to switch discs twice in ME2.  i hope it goes back to one disc - or at least do what Forza 3 did.  Have the two discs, but allow you to download all the info off one disc to the HDD, and the second disc will be the actual "game disc".

@Smurf: Here's the thing with the two discs:

I would finish everything (the main missions: recruiting at the least - Mordin, Garrus, Grunt, Jack) before switching out as you'll have to switch out anyway when you get to the Suicide Mission. After that, the rest of your crew's missions will be played on disc two.

Once you've beaten the game, ALL missions (recruit + loyalty) are open.

Thanks! I've been looking for it, but I missed it :(

The NEXTBox should have a triple disc changer for ME3 may be 3 discs...:-)

I like the name. NextBox haha.  A disk changer would be nice. However there would need to be games with a solid amount of content for that to happen, which isn't happening any time soon.

On the topic of the video. I saw the spoiler sign, but couldn't resist. The only major spoiler that I saw was the one pertaining to the Geth. Very excited now! I was interested to see that there was a child. Not very many games have children, but I am glad that ME3 will.