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I'm getting kicked out of every game I have played today usually around the half way mark on the winning team, and I end up with the server connection problem. And sometimes I'm not even allowed back onto the servers period because it gives me a message saying the entire servers are down or whatever. Any help?


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A couple of people have been getting the same thing today, i had it twice just did a research an it connected each time after wards.

Rest your router, modem, etc...and try again, not sure.

I bet you anythng it probably have to do with people that have laggy connections.

lost connection could be due to:

dash boarders

host quits

failed lag switch

restricted nat

connection drop

Sounds to me like you have some connection issues. What is your NAT type?

I was getting this problem alot not too long ago and I was told my router is some kind that doesn't run well with Xbox. Got a new router, got it all hooked up and things have been runining fine since. I have absolutely no idea if my situation is relevant to your's but I figured I would share it.

I'd be careful with suggesting buying a new router without first exhausting all the other options. I'd check the router's settings and firmware first.

I was getting these problems last weekend, game after game, then it would drop connection half way into the game. My nat is open and I switch my router off every few weeks so it could just be MW3 server problems.

The servers on both the 360 and PS3 have been shaky the past few days. At times it takes me minutes just to get into the "play online" screen while it "fetches playlists". Sometimes I have to back out of that and try again. Usually the 2nd time around it lets me in right away.