I xV3RMILLIONx was insulted by [MOD EDIT]. My father died not to long ago and he told me on many occassions that he is burning in hell and he is *** and he deserves it. This insults my religion and my family. I want him to get the fullest / highest punishment and i keep telling him to stop but for 3 DAYS IN A ROW !, he wont...please do something about this very very soon. Thank you


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Report and block that user on your xbox.

Then move on.

Sorry that he insulted your religion and your family but that's all you can do.

And never post the other persons gamertag on the forum.

Hello there xV3RMILLIONx,

Please refrain from calling other users names out on the Forums. Please Mute, Block, avoid, and File a Complaint against this user. I apologize for the harassment you received. But it can be easily taken care of. But it starts with you. 

You might want to take a look at this. Harassment, filing a complaint, and managing communication.