Major bug involving respawns

There is a major bug I think people should be aware of.

If you kill all the enemies in an area or harvest plants etc what is supposed to happen is that after about 10 days they respawn.

If you revisit an area between 2 and 9 days after killing them when the bodies have disappeared what is supposed to happen is the respawn timer gets reset so it takes another 10 days to respawn but what actually happens is the respawn timer is killed which means nothing ever respawns there again.

This can break quests and it also means a lot of giants and mammoths never respawn ever.

Someone explains it better in this thread on the bethesda forums. I have tested it myself and what they say in that thread seems to be correct.


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Surely this would be an easy fix. Might not even require an update.


Interesting to hear, however, and I've seen this to some degree as well.

This might explain why the archmage's quarters hasn't respawned at all since I became arch mage.

In some of my play that is certainly happening while at some other places it seems random. For example Hags End. It sure doesn't take more than a day or two. I've been there 6 times within 20 days of game time and they're always there waiting for me. I've killed those 2 Hagraven and the Briar 3 times now. Twice for Shalidors books and once, the first time, just from exploring and ran into them unexpectadly. I expect some of those places should respawn as soon as you get a quest to go there but, Hags End seems to respawn as soon as you approach it.

I've also had Dragon Priests come back multiple times. I have 4 of Magnus's Staff. While at the same time, the Arch Mages garden has never yet regrown anything. It's been 6 months game time. I did notice that most of the flora and fauna does come back almost weekly.

Yea...still no fix!!!!

the same thing  but with all the enemys!

I can not kill anybody

the last time a respawn is made it took spent 3 real days :(