Main quest question, early to mid spoilers .

Ok I've hooked up with the Blades chick and went to the thalmor embassy and got the info.  I met back up with her and got my stuff and she wants me to go to Rifton and meet some vendor there that might know were to look for the other old Blades guy.  I go to Rifton talk to the guy I'm looking for but evidently I talked to him earlier in the game and took a quest from him to steal something from another vendors strong box.  Then plant it on another guy so he will get put in jail.  Well I'm not sure I want to do that to the poor guy now.  But there is no other options in the conversation with him.  Nothing about the main quest and finding the blade guy.  

So am I glitched , do I need to do his quest 1st even though I don't want to, or do I need to follow him home and talk in private or something ?

Also without spoilers what percent am I into the main quest between 1 and 100. 


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The quest you have active is the start of the thieve's guild chain.  You'll have to complete it before you can advance.


When i got to that point in the game i decided to explore before going through that vendor scene. Your real reason for being there is to find some other guy (name begins with an E). Anyways, walked past that market, went to the level of the town below (that runs along waterways). I went into a door down below and started fighting my way through the underbelly of Riften and ended up running into the guy i was looking for hiding in a room. As you are going through the underground you will pass an underground bar of some sort. So i never needed to do that market scene.

Cool thanks. I'm guessing if I go find him on my own.  I can still go back and complete the start of the thieve's guild stuff to when I want to, right ?