Main problem with 3 & 2

I remember struggling to beat jack of blades in the first game, with F2 you weren't punished harshy  enough for for dying and in F3 you just didn't die. They really need to make the combat more challenging and fun. If this game had a combat system like assassins creed(even wind waker) it would be almost perfect, Instead  your only options are to tediously tap the same button a million times or hold the magic button for five seconds. The main story in fable 3 was 90% combat  but i bet that most people who played this game found fun else were in albion. 


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This is why I believe they should go back to Fable's roots; I loved the combat system in Fable 1, it just worked, no gimmicks, no flashy just worked, plain and simple. Although I love AC as well, Fable was great because it did its own thing and it worked out tremendously, people fell in love with this game overnight, I know I did. And from what I've seen from the E3 trailer/gameplay demo for Fable: the Journey, they've completely destroyed what I and thousands like me loved about the simple it was. Now they're bringing in Kinect (which I don't really care for, if you want to exercise and have fun doing it, play basketball or baseball, don't stand in your freakin' living room and jump around like an idiot). What I'd love most is for them to make a Fable Anniversary Edition like they're doing with Halo. I guarantee it will sell better than both Fables 2 and 3 combined because it's what we remember about what made Fable so great.