Magic the Gathering: Duals 2012

Heres the link to Magic the Gathering: Duals 2012. If you watch the vid you get to check out Archnemesis mode which looks pretty cool and challenging! This game is slated for next month!



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I went to Wizard's main page its up on their home. It says June 15 for Steam release, XBL and PSN soon after. But I suspect releases in June. Check it out!

So they promise us that we'll see the cards from the 2012 core set in this game. That's 249 cards to work with. Oh wait, they didn't say all the cards from the core set are included. I didn't hear anything about deck building either.

You gotta come with something more exciting than a new game mode which will bore me way too quicky if we have to play it over and over again with the same preconstructed decks.

Cool first deck revealed. We will probably be stuck with premade decks with little customization.

EDIT: Holy, an Eldrazi.

 Meh. It's hard to say for sure, without looking at the rest of the deck lists.  But this deck doesn't look very good.  It's just a ton of ramp with the hopes of living long enough to get to a bomb.  The biggest thing with these types of decks is that it doesn't have very many ways to deal with anything.  

polymorph is terrible here.  "Polymorph my Giant Octopus into a Kraken Hatchling - uck ***$#k!"  

How many times are you going be forced to polymorph one of their creatures because you can't deal with it.  I'm assuming there will be creatures that you just MUST deal with in other decks.  (cards like:  Royal Assassin, Platinum Angel, Vampire Nocturnus etc.)

I guess you could bounce with aether mutation and do a lot of chump blocking,  But all in all, this probably wont be a "go to" deck.  I will be curious to see the unlockables though and how that works.  

If there are a few Mystic Snakes in the unlockables,  Well then my opinion of this deck will drastically go up instantly :)    

Look they will never implement full deck customizing or else they would lose everyone from MTGO. However I would like for them to put in an option to edit the premade decks (be able to take out original cards)


But even that would surprise me.  The reasoning that has been stated by both Stainless and WotC is to keep the game balanced for "New" players whom are just learning the game.   I agree with them in this regard.  As much as I would like to have even a little bit of customization,  I know that it would give someone like myself a gigantic advantage over most players.  So I'm fine with the way things are.

Even if they don't add deck customization I'm pretty certain this game will at least be as successful as Planeswalkers

I don't really see what they're updating here, apart from adding new cards.


What's gonna happen to all my existing stuff?


Will it build on what was already released like "Pinball FX"?


Now that would be awesome.



The statement released by Wizards at PAX was that they wanted a game to reward players for their hardwork from the first game, so I do think we will be able to import all our decks. All MTG is is a card game, so what more could you ask for? 9 new decks to unlock (excluding DLC), new game modes and online co-op! Day 1 buy for me!

I doubt they are going to let us import our existing decks.  If you look at the screenshots, there appears to be a completely different elf deck called "Guardians of the Wood".  It runs Elvish Prominade, Heedless One, and Norwood Ranger.  It wouldn't really make sense to have 2 of the same decks.

I'm just speculating.

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