Magic Moments on BF4

Despite all its faults (crashing, missing sound at beginning) there is a good game trying to get out. . Had many magic moments playing within my squad, one in particular is capturing B rooftop on Hainan Resort Conquest . Trying to guess which part of the roof they are on when exiting the lifts, especially satisfying when one of us finally manages to hold it so we can spawn on him. Then the fireworks begin trying to defend it, just like a minigame within the game itself . Reminds me of the two lifts in Hotel On Black Ops . I think it is the best team game out in 2013, and we haven't even got anything in depth on the new map packs yet . Would be nice with submarines and battleships on the naval based pack that is due out next year. I can live in hope

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I had a lot of magic moments but when I jumped of of the skyscraper I peeled to the right and fired off a dumb round. But it wasent so dumb it slammed through the windshield of the zw11, killing everyone on bored. The times you wish you had a capture card

It is incredible on the PS4!!!!

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It is incredible on the PS4!!!!


Is it worth the upgrade to PS4 from the XBOX 360, I mean is the difference really noticeable, speed, graphics etc, as I am thinking of getting the PS4 when they come back in stock

Today I ran up behind a guy and killed him with a knife to the back.  Only to have his buddy kill me with a knife to the back immediately afterward.

Pack the quad bike up with C4, bail out just before reaching the enemy....boom....lovely