Magic 2013 Deck Pack 4???? Magic 2014 Release Date????

This has probably been answered already but i cant find any answers..... im in no rush for 2014 im livid for it but i still wud rather not want to wait until june/july 2013 for the new magic game to come out and b left with just the 3 DlC's...... especially after finishing on that OP Mana Mastery.... 3 Vindicate 3 Judgement 2 Deeds and a whole load of other OP removal cards..... ( Just MY opinion )....... 

Anyway if anyone has answers or whatever just write back and it will be very much appreciated...... Always looking to play new players and have custom games so anyone wants to play my GT is XIX G FORCE XIX  

Need some more Irish Players on my Friends List :D :D 

Btw.... Thanks For Reading this if u did :D :D :D


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the mana mastery deck pack was the last dlc bro...just read about it on I heard last year 2013 was the last but it's rumored so u & me r gonna have to wait until the Summer for the next gm.

As far as I know Wizards have announced the 2014-version of the game for late summer 2013.