Magi Thief Armor Enchantments

What would anyone suggest to for a Magi's armor mods be? I went heavy armor which makes it funny how Im making her. :)


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If youi learned the enchantment "Fortify <Magic Skill> and Increase Magicka Regen" I recommend that one.  It comes on a variety of robes, usually named "Novce\Adept\Apprentice\Expert\Master Robes of <Magic School>"

I do got thoses and my enchantment is 100 so is my smithing. Im hunting down the stuff to make Diedric armor and black soul gems. Does it matter if its black or reg soul gems. I never tried doing enchantments in all of Elder Scrolls. I always used items I got from the game. Will most the time they where really good. :)

Just be sure it's a Grand Soul Gem if not a Black one, so that you get the maximum effect.  All black soul gems are grand, so they are a bit more convenient to use.  The Morrowind Enchanting system was easy to abuse, as was the spell creation system.  Kind of miss making your own spells though.

There is spells and equipment I miss from both Morrowind and Oblivion. Just never took advantage of the enchanting.

I guess if you're a battlemage, you'd want things that protect you from elements and physical damage.  But if you're a pure mage, you'll probably want to only wear cloth items with 0 armor rating, so that you can take the "mage armor" perk in the Alteration tree, then put boosts to magic regen.  If you get to 100 in enchanting, and use the Master perk, you can put 2 enchantments on each article of clothing.  This opens up your options a lot.  Enchanting is so overpowered in this 100 you can make yourself virtually indestructible.

The magika regen will stay at 10% if you go that route. Get the dual enchantment perk and do your skill you want to be lowered and then do magika regen. It won't be as high as even the novice robes, but it will be on something that will protect you more.

Fortify Magicka.

Fortify Magicka Regen.


Magic Resistance.

Fortify Health.


That's about all I can suggest? One piece for Muffle, one piece for Magic Resistance and Health, with the remainder of your spaces going to Magicka, Magicka Regen.


That would be particularly reliable if you were going to go with the 50% cheaper Spell perks, but if not and you choose to, you might want to use some of those too.