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One of the things that has been really missing for me in Skyrim is the lack of any way to upgrade individual spells for mages. Warriors can improve their weapons and armors with smithing but all mages can hope to do is buy new spells. That makes low level spells (like flames and sparks for example) totally useless at higher levels. I enjoy using those sustained spells but trying to use them at level 30 is suicide. Mages feel completely underpowered in Skyrim compared to a warrior or thief type character. I really hope the first DLC addresses this issue.


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I love the Mages in this. I hate the Warrior class with a passion.

I don't think mages are underpowered at all.

Mages have decent power. I liked my "battle mage" just hated the battle part (too many 1-haned perks)...


I am 100% making a new pure mage after I get my Warrior where I want.


But if you really need a damage increase for your mage then Alchemy is the only way to do that. Fortify Destruction potions increase the damage of your spells

I started out as a mage and I quickly abandoned it because I was getting my rear end handed to me over and over again.  I'm continuing as a battle mage until I have a high enough skill level for the really good spells.  Until then, the only really powerful one I have is "Fireball" but I miss my target a lot and almost always resort to my sword.

I do miss the create spell option that you could do in Oblivion, mages could be extremely over powered in that game. And it is difficult to be a straight mage (no armor/weapons etc) which is what my character is. But you are right I want them to bring back spell creation so I can make my own awesome spells..

I love being a mage.It's even more hilarious doing that one dark brother hood mission,casting frenzy,and watching all the npcs at the wedding,including the groom,and the guards were beating the poor woman to death lol.

Man I can't wait till the patch comes out.


Every time I read posts about mages it just makes me want to play a mage more and more...


But I guess I can hold off and continue on with turning my Stealth Archer into a Archer/Warrior.