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Im was trying to go for the made in fyrestone achievement but im stuck on the "keep your insides inside" mission, I've gotten the shield but when i return to turn it in theres no Zed (or whatever his name is) just the dead body laying on the table? Does anyone know if im doing something wrong or did I forget somethig? Thanx for the help in adavanced.


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That's a glitch in your game.  This might help you... Wiki Borderlands

try this if you can fast travel to new haven theres a place there where  u can buy shields inside the house if dr zed is in there.that means your missing a few sidequests check the fyrestone boards and check with the guy by dahl headlands bulletin boards.everytime i post something on youtube theres an awesome copyright song

send me game invite ill help as long as-theres no cramwerax farming involved or claptrap revolution just finished that on the play claptrap revolution,zombie island in my xbox.i could less what everyone uses.stock weapon peeshooter,the dorve,ajax spear, anarchy anarchy.(we all know its not a legitimate-anarchy tsunami).i dont use mods so dont ask for the .

Once again this should be in the FAQ

you get 'Keep your insides inside' because you joined a Modders game... well modders that don't know what they are doing, since a modder could remove that undoable quest.

It's really something that Gearbox should patch but I think the half wits quit working on the game

How to prevent Keep your insides inside from getting on your charater is Host or only join trusted friends, and never join a randoms game that has that listed as the current quest.

Cosmic...I know we've talked about this before but it makes me wonder, which of my last two friends joined a modded game???  I know it wasn't me.  Games like this, I only play with friends.  But right after I played them, is when I noticed it being there.