Madden Review ( not 1 sentence )

I have been playing Madden for about 4 days now and I have to say, overall I feel the game is a improvment over last years version.There are still some things I wish they would work on but overall I feel the game has improved. Here is the list of things I like and dont like .


Like's :  Online Franchise seems very updated and with alot of new features and options to make this a very popular feature. b+

Like's : Superstar menus are much easier to navagate now and feels more fluid figuring out what to do and where to go. b

Like's : Ultimate Team has added trades and overhauled the auction house and collection of cards to make it easier to find what your looking for. b+

Like's: Graphically it looks and feels better than last year, not by leaps and bounds but little things like animations and textures feel better overall.b


Dislike's: Superstar from road to glory no longer has combine and draft, just puts you on a team and ther eyou go.Dont like this addition.d

Dislike's: Create a player and Team feature feels lackluster , could use mor options to make them more individual. d-

Dislike's:No kicker and punter in Superstar mode.Playing offensive line is more like just standing there play after play.Not enough interaction to make it feel like your doing anything. d-


Overall I am happy with Madden 12 and am excited to play in a few franchises and get my Superstar defensive tackle from The U onto the Bucs and begin his hall of fame career.I think if next years game keeps the progress of this years , we will be in for a treat .

Overall Rating B  with potential to get to B+ or A-  after ,more time to dig deeper into the ultimate team and franchise modes.


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Definitely a game I have to buy

At home...still on the table. Looking forward to opening and giving it a go after work.

thanks for the review.  Im curious as to how you think they could make the o linemen superstar more interesting?