madden developers pull off an impossible feat make off line franchise UNPLAYABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they actually made off line franchise mode UNPLAYABLE  the scouting  is broken after doing your scouting you unlock attributes but you can only see the attributes of 5 players you dont know anything about other players there is absolutely no skill its just random luck in drafting you dont know any other players 40 times no strength stats quickness nothing but height weight age and college thats it. so much for this new franchise mode they made it worse by fixing it 

the madden developers dont know what they are doing they have never made a decent madden in the 15yrs 


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I happen to really enjoy offline franchise in this years Madden. Don't know what you are talking about the broken scouting thing. Maybe EA sports will release a update patch for this???

IMO, they seem to focus on  online and not offline because they think ALL people want to play ONLINE with cheesers, quitters, etc..  its been that way forever that offline franchise is broken....nothing new.

I dont mind the Franchise Mode..Could care less about scouting..I always skipped it in the past. It is true they focus too much on Online. I dont bother with online because it is a waste of time. I keep trying to play normal games ( ie I punt when a team should punt, I kick FGs and actually pick the lowest rated teams) but my opponent wont buy in. Good for them.

Online is pretty broken for me. Enjoying offline so far. After spending hours getting the game to load up past title screen.

What are you talking about? You are able to scout 15 different players every 4 weeks during the season. Then you get the combine, pro days, and individual workouts in the off-season.

Did you even play franchise mode?