Madden 2012

This year madden has brought us a hands down beautiful presentation to the table.  It is no question that the game looks fantastic although,  with that being said the game play is still just as flawed as it has been for about a 7 years now.  I am seriously in to getting better at games that I play and learning new ways to destroy my opponent.  Although I can't be quite about this game anymore it sucks online the games feel rigged half of the time almost predetermined.  I can't stand auto sprint, and the minimum speed threshold options.... its like your running underneath water when your trying to get around the corner from a defensive lineman.  I had Chris Johnson and was blown away at the level of speed the lineman used to close in on me.  I have adjusted my sliders when offline and its considerably better that way.  The only problem is you can't get a lot of people in to your communities to play with the settings that way people only play ranked matches and then complain about the settings when they loose it sucks.  I have found that a great deal of madden players this year as well as my self prefer team play but you can't adjust your sliders to play those games go figure.


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I use the standard settings and can break away with Helu, so Johnson should be no problem.  So  you don't get a 40 yd run  really aren't supposed to.  This looks like a defensive Madden year and I like that.  If you  don't like auto sprint....turn it  off.  Team play is okay, but too many quit, which defeats the purpose.  It is more the community  you  have an issue with than this game.