Madden 12 online....

This is by far the worst game online wise... I have been trying to get into a game and it just signs me out while "checking online roster" and i kno its not my connection.. i am lagg free in every other game i play


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Online is really bad on this one. I got paused glitched today it lags so much. I know it's not my connection because I'm fine in other games. So happy NBA 2K12 is coming out Tuesday!

Ok i been trying to play a single Online for 2 days and cant even get in a game... Probabaly selling this cause i cant do crap online

EA servers are horrible. Have you played the BF3 beta?

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EA servers are horrible. Have you played the BF3 beta?



lol ya... It was ok before all the people played the opened beta and only Invites were allowed to play... but even still you can play it. I cant even get into a match in madden what so ever

Has EA acknowledged that there is a problem? I was going to purchase this game next week, good thing I read this post.

Im having no problems joining games.  Sure someone might leave while its checking the roster, but saying "I havent been able to get in a single game in 2 days" is a joke in my opinion.  If that was actually the case, you either tried ONCE, or your internet/home network is the problem, not madden