MADDEN 12 GLITCH! 3 Seconds

I'm one of the people that are stuck by the 3 second glitch while this guys talks *** to me. how do I counter? Wait it out? Sure I got 2 xboxs. This guy paused and is talking crap. says hes got all day and whatever to wait. So, just wait it out? When he starts a game does it not count? Do i get the win because im kicking his @@@ 34-10 3rd qtr. my ball on his 4...... what do i do guys im stuck let it ride out? or take the lose and lose another 100 ranked spots cause ill lose 20 rank points... DAMN IT IM PISSED! 


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Everyone, People like this need to be banned. And hes talking crap? serious? you got you're @@@ kicked and you're talking ***? Take names down and report people only way we can all take care of ***. I spend 2 hrs on the phone trying to fix the issue not count the game gimme my win no lose no win... They said tough luck to me take the lose? this is how xbox is gonna take care of there customers.. Lemme tell ya something you wont have a business if that goes on ***. Jerry from billing department *** YOU!  the screen keeps spinning and spinning. how annoying

a loss in madden12?  I doubt microsoft cares about the hurt business.  I probably would have quit

Simple solution to counter it.  Dont let the time get down to 3 seconds.  Example would be is if your opponent has ball and time is ticking, call a timeout at 4 seconds.  He has to run a play now and the clock will move and I think the quickest play in the game is the QB Spike which at the end of its animation takes 2 seconds off the clock.  Now if you have the ball simply run a play that will get the clock pass the 3 second mark.  I just dont see how EA cant fix this.

But beware there is a DC glitch that people can do at the start of the game.

GooSe, I understand your frustration here, but please refrain from using profanity on the forums. That being said, file a complaint on the user via the tools provided to you on the console, and also block communications and avoid said player.


You cannot be the only person that this user is doing this to. It will eventually come back to haunt said user.


Apparently EA has fixed this with latest update that has been sent into MS

I guess this game brings out the worst in people.   If you  care too much, this bothers you.  Just quit  and move  on.  Your frustration is what feeds their entertainment.  If everyone realized this is not important in the grand scheme of'd have a lot less of these online tools.

Join a online community then you can play ranked games with your friends and not worry about getting glitched. This is why ranked games dont matter, all the top people just glitch. Except me :)