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Sim Gamers Lounge announces new Madden 12 franchise; is looking for qualified owners.

CHICAGO, Illinois—July 27, 2011 — The SGL Madden franchise is open for business! This is a simulation-style league, meaning you will be held to a higher standard than in most franchises in regards to playing the game with integrity, and making the experience as realistic as possible. Only mature gamers need apply; if you can’t handle playing realistically and with good sportsmanship, please look elsewhere. Also, all owners are expected to at least play through the full first season; if you can’t do this, don’t join.

Unique aspects of the SGL Franchise:
-SGL uses a unique Credits system for its leagues. This means that the more you participate, the better teams you get and the more prizes you earn. When you sign up for the site, you begin with 0 credits, and in the case of the Madden franchise, you will probably not get your favorite team. This is because we bid on team pick order with our credits. However, each game you play during the season earns you credits, and the worse teams earn more credits than the better teams to keep things fair. These credits can be used for any of our leagues, and can also be used to bid on prizes that will be available (iTunes gift cards, Xbox games, M$ Points, etc.) This entire system serves to make the gaming experience more rewarding and fun than other single game league sites.
-Our rules are unique, especially with our trade and free agency system, which requires commissioner approval of all trades. There are guidelines set for the trades, and a limited number for each owner to use making the process more simulation and making it fair for everyone. Our playing rules also eliminate cheesing in games and other glitching and unrealistic ways of playing.
-The settings for this franchise are:
Difficulty Level - All-Madden
Quarter Length - 10 Minutes
Accelerated Clock - 15 Seconds

The entire rulebook can be read here:

Sim Gamers Lounge ran a Madden 11 league, and was quite successful with 20 owners for the first season. Participation dropped as interest in the game waned, but still 10 remained for season 2. Sign ups have just opened for Madden 12 season 1 and already 8 have taken the call.

Sim Gamers Lounge was originally launched in November of 2010 as Xbox Live Leagues, and quickly grew to over 50 members across 5 leagues. As games waned, a restructuring effort led to the name change and regeneration of the community in to Sim Gamers Lounge. Our 4 leaders have over 15 years of combined league management experience, across NASCAR, Madden, NCAA, MLB, NBA, and Tiger Woods, leagues. Sim Gamers Lounge currently hosts a conglomerate of Xbox Sports simulation leagues, including Madden, NASCAR, NCAA Football, and MLB.

The owner registration process is simple. First, go to this link: and fill out the form, making sure to include your XBL Gamertag in the appropriate field. Then, go to this page: and read the first post and reply with the appropriate message. Then you are officially registered and will be eligible for the team draft, which will take place shortly after the games release on August 30, 2011.

—Commissioner Dustin, GT: Siccness06
—Public Relations manager Michael, GT: JrdewintheAmp88
—Sim Gamers Lounge owner Brett, GT: Skittles6547

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