Madden 12 cover question...

okay, so im most likeley going to get this, but i have a few questions about the HoF edition cover.

The Faulk cover is cool, dont get me wrong, but i like the origional with Hillis, i like the design of the cover and the style of it, but i also want to get the Hall of Fame edition, but i would rather have the hillis cover. So are they going to just have a slip over thingy that says hall of fame edition and then the regular box underneath with the hillis cover? or are they going to just have a totally different box for hall of fame?


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Unless you don't mind paying 30 dollars extra for the Marshall Faulk Hall of Fame Edition,  just go with the regular version and save yourself some money. But if you are a Faulk fan, you need this as it includes a hand autographed Marshall Faulk Panini Card and a pack of Hall of Famer cards with every athelete cover in the game. It also includes a foil embossed bronze cover of MF so you can set it near a window so it catches the sun and blinds your friends who are near it. there is no removeable cover, this is a special limited edition packaging for the HoF cover.


Decisions, decisions.