Mad Moxxi and Crawlermax

Hi all, 

Wondered if anyone in the UK still played this game and would be interested in helping me get through the three longer challenges in Mad Moxxi (I'm a Lvl 47 Hunter currently and soloing does not appeal), and potentially Crawlermax too (although I may have to level up a bit more before this is an option...)

Available most of this weekend and Friday night; I've got a reasonably decent connection so happy to host - but just as happy to join someone's session if it's easier.



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If you are up for playing this weekend (I'm US EDT = GMT-5), I also need the Moxxi Larger Tournament achievements.  I have a level 69 Soldier, so you should host (else the enemies will be at my level).  As for Crawmerax, I've beaten him solo but would like a chance to try that mission in co-op.  If interested, message me so we can figure out a time good for us both (and anyone else you've found to play).

I would suggest 10 AM EDT / 3 PM UK (Saturday and/or Sunday) but I have some flexibility if you this is not good for you. As for Friday, I cannot play until 8 PM EDT / 1 AM UK, which I suspect may be too late for you (to start the game).

PS: I have a clean (no mods/hacks) character.  I hope that you can say the same.

The weekend works well for me; a bit too late on the Friday (but that's okay as I have some SP stuff that I could do... or I could go 'outside' and be 'social').

Happy to host, will drop you a message once I've confirmed this and if I can get anyone else involved.


No mods, no hacks - I'm this rubbish at games naturally.