I recently posted on here about us making a GTA: SA machinima that was going to be a sequel to a GTA4 machinima filmed in 2008. Well, we scrapped the script and decided Plenty Enough isn't the movie we wanted to make.

We decided to remake the entire series and turn it into a trilogy of hour and a half long films. We're working hard on the scripts now, we're looking for some actors, it's unclear how many we will need at this time. But, we need at least 5 so far.

This is a film on Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of *** Tony.
We might end up switching it to just Grand Theft Auto IV.

Go to for more information.

Filming Equipment:
Hauppauge HD PVR: Gaming Edition
(Allowing us to film in 1080p HD)

Adobe After Effects CS5

Sony Vegas Pro 9.

We will NOT be using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Sony Vegas Pro 9 allows us to put in several audio tracks in ONCE scene instead of just one, this is helpful when we have a scene with running vehicles, people walking, cars driving by AND the music.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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Good Luck with this video. I also have an HD PVR - Gaming Edition, but the xbox only has 720p due to its progressive scan, so I do not know how you will achieve getting 1080p quality, unless you save the video in 1080p. As far as SV9 goes, it's a good choice, I prefer Cyberlink Power Director 10.0, mainly because it's easier to navigate. After Effects CS5 is also another great choice, as I use it as well. Movie Maker is a joke lol. When this is done, are you going to post a link? I would love to watch it.

Yes, we will be posting links on the forum.

We are also having a screening of a scene shot out of context for a production bump we hit, the audiences responses to the scene will help us iron the bump out.

I'll take a look at that Cyberlingk Power Director program.