Machinations game breaking glitch

Ok this is a very easy to run into.

If you're using machinations or playing some-one using machinations its easy to run into.

If a player puts a snapsail glider on the field that can't fly as it enters due to there being less than three artifacts on the field, then plays an artifact to allow it to fly, the game timer will stall as though some-one has stopped the timer or is viewing the card then once it runs down it will reset to full timer and stay there, worse still even honest machination players not trying to glitch can't help as the option to advance your turn is also removed.

This glitch also happens if Snapsail glider enters the battlefield as the 3rd artifact itself thus allowing itself to fly.


The only way round it for machination players is to have 3 artifacts already on the field before playing snapsail glider or the timer will glitch out and no-one can do anything about it.


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This is false,  I have played this deck many of times without this happening...   I'm not saying that this didn't happen to you.  But this does NOT happen anytime a snapsail is in play with less than 3 total artifacts on the battlefield, as you suggest.

here must be another factor then possibly the other player viewing the snapsail as it takes flight, but I've had it happen a few times to me already, the moment snapsail takes flight the timer crashes.

I play that deck quite a bit and have never seen that...