maces vs swords

avoiding armor is huge BUT IMO the maces all look kinda ugly and sword cutscenes seem better


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Maces are the slowest swinging weapons in the one handed category, but deal the best damage and have the highest stagger chance.  Personally I prefer swords or axes, swords have an aesthetic edge, but the improved stagger chance with a War Axe can be a life saver and they do slightly more damage.

I intentionally chose to use a mace as my one-handed weapon because in most other RPGs and ARPGs I always used swords.  I'm satisfied with my choice and some of the kill animations are pretty cool, especially the uppercut to the chin and the decapitation (with the Savage Strike perk).

I prefer swords with some kind of "magic" with

Maze of Malak is the only good one i found...but i rather Swords.

Was using swords for awhile then moved on to a mace now I've got me a war axe which I'm liking, until something better comes along.